Saturday, January 29, 2011

Christmas at the Comley's

So, I guess I should talk about Christmas.  I know, I'm skipping ahead about a month or two.  But, what an event.  At my house, growing up, Christmas was unreal.  We pretty much got everything we wanted, and this has definitely been handed down to my girls.  Thanks to my Mom and Dad for setting that precedent.  So, just to summarize, yes, I was spoiled and Miss Giggles and Miss Lala are as well.
So, it would be impossible to post all pictures to this blog.  If I did it would not load.  So, I will post some and say that it was still a sweet Christmas and the girls had a great day.  Stay tuned.  I'm in Milwaukee for two more weeks and I have nothing to do!

An Eastern Kentucky Autumn

So, I have an announcement to make.  Daddy Nobucks is FINALLY going back to work!!!  Yeah!!!  I got an offer on Friday for a great dental sales position and I am very excited to be joining the work force again after ten loooooong months of Daddy Day Care.  So, I'm going to try and summarize the past two months of our life as painlessly as possible.  Here goes. . .
Where to begin?  I guess I should start with where I left off, around Halloween.  Nothing spectacular here, I'll just post a picture of the girls in their getups.  Miss Giggles was Dorothy from the Wizrd of Oz, and Miss Lala was her favorite character - Minnie Mouse.  Or as she calls her, or anything resembling a mouse of any kind - MOUSE!!! 

Follow the high fructose corn syrup road
This is also the time of year that the leaves begin to fall.  At my house this is an event like no other.  We have a goliath of a tree in the backyard, and each leaf is about as big as my face.  This is a job that takes several hours and has to be done twice each fall.  Once for the first wave of leaves, and then again later for the second onslaught.  There is nothing fun about it.  However, I did have two helpers this year that made it a little easier.  Needless to say, they had much more fun spreading the leaves than corraling them.  That is about it for this episode, and I have much more to talk about for the next three months, so stay tuned. 

Hi Daddy!

Women and power tools = dangerous combination