Thursday, October 28, 2010

A "Fury Us" Weekend

Team Fury Fall 2010

"Kids, I want them to hear us in Corbin"
 So, this past weekend saw the end of Miss Giggles' rookie year in soccer.  It also coincided with the end of my first year of coaching my child in a sport that I care much more about than she.  What truly concerns me is the fact that she is much more interested in the boys on our team, and the other teams, than actually engaging in the sport.  Everybody laughs about this and says "Oh, you're going to be in trouble".  Somehow, I am failing to see the humor in this, and I am looking for any way to curb this behavior before it gets out of control.  If anyone has any advice, feel free to leave a comment.  Otherwise, I will continue to trod through my life as a father of two, extremely social little girls.  I guess they get that honestly. This weekend also saw me planning on staying home again.  However, on Friday, Meat called with an extra for the UGA game.  At first I declined.  The plans were to stay home and they would stay that way.  I'm a man of my word, right?  Well, Meat and Don began a texting tag team on me.  The mere thought of me missing this game was unfathomable.  After all, the Cats were in position to win the East now.  The Boss, knowing this, and knowing that I have a serious problem when it comes to the Cats, asked me if I really wanted to go.  After twisting my arm, I admitted that, yes, I did want to go.  What a wonderful woman.  I called Meat, and he answered the phone with a simple "yes".  He knew why I was calling, and knew that I would call and change my mind.  Sometimes I think that my wife and friends may know me better than I do.
Needles in the haystack?

So, with a trip to the game also came a trip to the pumpkin patch.  We made a return trip to Evan's Orchard in Georgetown and the girls had a blast playing, petting, and posing. 

Get off me you old goat
Miss Giggles went down the big slide all by herself after a little coaxing, and I took Miss Lala down a few times as well. 

The only problem was the lack of rain in Central Kentucky made me feel like I was in the middle of the Dust Bowl during the Depression.  Nonetheless, we had a great weekend and now we look forward to Halloween weekend, and a trip to Keeneland on Miss Giggles' birthday.  Nothing like October in Kentucky!

Miss Lala's response to "show me your boogers"

Monday, October 18, 2010

What a Weekend

Now THIS is the life!
 So, to set this up properly, we had decided we would stay home on Saturday because we had been out of town for the last three or four weekends.  Knowing that we had to go to my niece's birthday party on Sunday, we thought Saturday would give us a nice break to get some stuff done around the house, and the Cats were on T.V. so no big deal.  Well, my how things change.  First, I decided at the last minute to attend a party in Lexington and saw a lot of old aquaintances from my days as a Transy student.  While those days did not last very long, had I not attended Transy, I would not have met The Boss.  So, while academically this was not one of my finer moments, it has certainly paid off personally.  I even saw my freshman roommate, who was responsible for introducing me to The Boss.  You see, they went to high school together and hung out some during our freshman year.  She claims they were "just friends" - who am I to argue?  So, to make a long story short, we saw each other again a few years later, I asked her for her number and the rest is history.  I'll leave out some minute details that may embarrass her, i.e. her asking her friends about me.  Of course, she will deny this, but this is my blog, and the only place in the world where I can write whatever I want - within reason.  I may be King here, but I'm not stupid.  So, after the party we headed back home for our soccer game the next morning.
At the soccer game, we got absolutely destroyed.  The Boss and I had talked after last game about my inadequate coaching skills and she had chastised me for my non-existent defense.  So, I instituted a defense for this game.  It didn't matter.  We got shredded.  It seems that every team, but ours has one stud that scores at least five goals a game.  Our kids are not bad, they are just smaller and less experienced.  Plus, at this age, one good kid can dominate a game.  So, we got dominated again and Miss Giggles had her first injury.  Our old neighbor's kid, who is on our team ran into her knocking her down, and her head hit the ground pretty hard.  She was done for the game - mentally not physically.  Oh well, at some point, like 9-1 you just have to laugh and realize they are just kids and who really cares, it's Under 6 Soccer.  My mom had come down for the game, so we went to lunch with her and then went home to take a nap and get ready to watch some football.  Then the phone rings.  It was my uncle with two tickets to the Cats game.  As I stated earlier, we were NOT going to Lexington today.  So, I told him to let us talk about it and then I'd call him back.  The Boss said she did not want to go, but asked Miss Giggles if she did, thinking there was no way.  Well, she is my daughter, so she said YES!!!  I called him back and said it was hard enough for me to say no to the Cats, and I definitely could not say no to Miss Giggles.  So, we packed up and headed to Lexington.  Well, I'm glad we did because we stomped the 'Cocks, ending two horrible streaks.  It was awesome.  Miss Giggles was great during the game and lasted until the end.  Of course, it helped when I just kept pumping her full of sugary treats.  Her diet that night consisted of: ice cream, popcorn, cotton candy, a chocolate granola bar, and gummy fruit snacks all washed down with a Coca-Cola.  I know, great parenting right.  What can I say, I was desperate to stay until the end.  She was a real trooper and I couldn't have been prouder of her, or the Cats.

Do I have anything in my teeth?
So, we headed home again, turning around on Sunday and heading back up to my niece's birthday party.  Both Miss Giggles and Miss Lala were exhausted due to our hectic weekend, and crashed on the way back home from about 6 to 7.  We got a pizza and went home to watch some T.V. (Mad Men Season Finale) and crash on the couch.  Now it's Monday and things are back to normal.  The girls are still tired, so they should take a killer nap today, which will give me ample time to continue the job hunt.  I've got an interview on Wednesday and have talked to a couple of recruiters so hopefully things will start looking up here soon.  With that, it's time for lunch, so I must go.  Stay tuned and hopefully I'll have some good news next time.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Long Road to Recovery

So, having finally recovered from an exhausting weekend both mentally and physically in Oxford, Mississippi I have returned to life as I know it.  This means looking for a job non-stop while trying to entertain/raise the girls, pay attention to The Boss, and all else that goes into being a father and a husband.  The Boss and I were wondering how the other day, it seems we are so busy.  What happens when I get a job?  Well, I guess she'll be on her own again from 8 to 5!  Clearly I did not mutter this statement aloud, but for some reason I have the gumption to post it on the internet.
Since I last blogged, I did go down to Oxford to watch the Cats struggle mightilty against Ole Miss.  It was my annual trip with my buddies, where we gather at an away UK football game.  This year, at Ole Miss, we had a great time tailgating at "The Grove".  For those of you that don't know, The Grove is basically a park-like setting in the middle of Ole Miss' campus, where everyone tailgates.  I must admit, I've never seen anything like this.  Tents complete with satellite television, chairs, and catered food are brought in by vendors.  It was quite a scene, and one that every college football fan should witness.  If only the football game we watched had been as well put together.  The Cats played terrbile and we were disappointed with our team the rest of the night, but had a great time in Oxford none the less.
Also, it is amazing how much my children can seem to change after only four days.  When I returned I think Miss Lala had picked up a couple of more tricks and words, and is really becoming a hilarious little girl.  The Boss said they were riding in the car one night and Usher's OMG song came on the radio.  During the chorus, she could hear Miss Lala from the back singing "oh, oh, oh, oh . . ".  She and Miss Giggles are really beginning to feed off of each other, and it is really fun to watch them try to outdo each other and crack each other up.  We should enjoy it while we can, I guess, because it won't be long until they are fighting over clothes and everything else.
Well, that's a really short update but one that was sorely needed to satisfy my growing audience's appetite - up to 8 followers!!!  Tomorrow is picture day for The Fury, followed by a game, followed by a trip to watch the Cats beat the Auburn Tigers for the second year in a row.  So, Go Cats and Go Fury!!!