Friday, October 8, 2010

The Long Road to Recovery

So, having finally recovered from an exhausting weekend both mentally and physically in Oxford, Mississippi I have returned to life as I know it.  This means looking for a job non-stop while trying to entertain/raise the girls, pay attention to The Boss, and all else that goes into being a father and a husband.  The Boss and I were wondering how the other day, it seems we are so busy.  What happens when I get a job?  Well, I guess she'll be on her own again from 8 to 5!  Clearly I did not mutter this statement aloud, but for some reason I have the gumption to post it on the internet.
Since I last blogged, I did go down to Oxford to watch the Cats struggle mightilty against Ole Miss.  It was my annual trip with my buddies, where we gather at an away UK football game.  This year, at Ole Miss, we had a great time tailgating at "The Grove".  For those of you that don't know, The Grove is basically a park-like setting in the middle of Ole Miss' campus, where everyone tailgates.  I must admit, I've never seen anything like this.  Tents complete with satellite television, chairs, and catered food are brought in by vendors.  It was quite a scene, and one that every college football fan should witness.  If only the football game we watched had been as well put together.  The Cats played terrbile and we were disappointed with our team the rest of the night, but had a great time in Oxford none the less.
Also, it is amazing how much my children can seem to change after only four days.  When I returned I think Miss Lala had picked up a couple of more tricks and words, and is really becoming a hilarious little girl.  The Boss said they were riding in the car one night and Usher's OMG song came on the radio.  During the chorus, she could hear Miss Lala from the back singing "oh, oh, oh, oh . . ".  She and Miss Giggles are really beginning to feed off of each other, and it is really fun to watch them try to outdo each other and crack each other up.  We should enjoy it while we can, I guess, because it won't be long until they are fighting over clothes and everything else.
Well, that's a really short update but one that was sorely needed to satisfy my growing audience's appetite - up to 8 followers!!!  Tomorrow is picture day for The Fury, followed by a game, followed by a trip to watch the Cats beat the Auburn Tigers for the second year in a row.  So, Go Cats and Go Fury!!!

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