Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The People of the World Chicken Festival

Original or Extra Crispy?

5 bucks for two nickel crowns?
Let's go git some chicken!
So, by now everyone has seen "The People of Wal-Mart" e-mails and web site, right?  Well, I have a new set of amazing people to add.  I like to call it "The People of the World Chicken Festival".  The World Chicken Festival is a festival in London, Kentucky that basically celebrates Kentucky Fried Chicken and Colonel Sanders.  That's basically it.  If you'd like more information (for whatever reason) follow the link above and you can read all about it.  Being a veteran of virtually every county, state, town, village, and holler festival in the state of Kentucky I have just about seen it all when it comes to these events. 
Feathered and lovely
I've never seen people come out of the woodwork like they do for these annual shindigs.  I missed the festival last year, but had the pleasure of returning this year.  The London Women's League, of which The Boss is a member (and Secretary / Treasurer) has a booth every year, the proceeds of which make up the vast majority of their annual budget for giving back to the community.  All joking aside, something cool about the "World Chicken Festival" is that a portion of all vendor proceeds must go to some form of local charity.  It has always been that way, and after 21 years, is still this way.  So, I am dragged down there again this year to do my part in giving back.  I complain about it on here, but once I get down there, I realize how much fun these things can be.  Especially when engaging in one of my favorite pastimes - people watching.
This guy was just out of place
Holy Moses!
For the past few years, the Women's League has had a gyro's booth.  But, the guy they had used turned out to be a real sleaze and had cheated them in the past.  They changed vendors last year, but found another gyro maker to help this year.  These things are so popular thatseveral people came up to me asking where we were last year.  I never knew people in London loved gyro's - or fajitas as they are also called by many, so much.
This years celebrity - Cletus Hogg
Rand Paul ain't got nuthin on Cletus
Which brings me to my next story - me hawking the gyro's left and right.  Something I learned from my dad at an early age, is the power of persuasion in the form of yelling at people to come buy your item.  Reactions vary from stopping and staring to yelling back or simply ignoring me.  Of course, as a natural salesman, albeit an unemployed one, I found a few taglines that got some great reactions.  Also, the best are those that would correct me when I would call them "jyros" instead of the correct "heeroes".  First of all, folks, I know what they are really called.  However, if you start yelling about a "heero" the vast majority of people will think you are a pretentious a-hole, or that you have Superman in your booth slinging sandwiches.

Well I must get on with it, there are a few select pictures that I have included here that are my favorites.  I am off to Oxford, Mississippi to watch the Cats stomp the Rebels this weekend.  After I recover from the weekend I hope to have some good, clean stories about this weekend.  Enjoy the pics and GO CATS!!!

A typical Louisville fan

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