Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It’s the Time of Your Life!

DSC06442So we arrived at The Happiest Place on Earth Sunday afternoon.  As a family we have already seen eight princesses (that includes Jasmine twice), “Mommy and Daddy Incredibles”, Lotso, the Little Einsteins, two parades, and two fireworks shows from the safe confines of our balcony.  There is a reason that we got a Magic Kingdom view room at the Contemporary Resort.  It is in our best interests to stay out of earshot from any fireworks displays, of which Disneyworld has around 176 per day.  Neither girl is a big fan, so we are able to turn our television to Channel 20 and hear the music synchronized to the show.  This place really is a spectacle to behold.
We went to Hollywood Studios for a few hours, and saw Disney Playhouse Live, Beauty and the Beast on stage, several characters, and one parade.  We got there in early afternoon, had lunch, and began the festivities.  Afterwards we went to Boma in the Animal Kingdom Lodge for dinner, which was awesome – again.  We went there last year, and even though we wanted to try new places, Boma was my choice to return to this time.  Boma is a buffet specializing in African cuisine, and it is unlike anything anywhere – the main reason it gets my vote.  At one point Miss Giggles was begging me not to go get another plate because I would “get a big fat belly”.  I had to wonder if her concern was really over my figure, or her desire to leave.


DSC06307Yesterday was the day we all looked forward to.  The Magic Kingdom and breakfast with Cinderella in the castle.  Shockingly enough, we were a few minutes late, but only because we are four stops from the Magic Kingdom on the Monorail.  But, upon returning we are the first stop – which comes in quite handy when the meltdown monster rears its ugly head. It is always a difficult task toeing the line between slap happy and complete meltdown. Thankfully, we were successful yesterday.
DSC06324 Our visit to the Magic Kingdom was cut short by a rain shower around 4:00. However, we were in Tomorrowland and were able to navigate through some indoor attractions and under shelter – it was a great place to hide from the rain. In fact, during the Monsters Inc show, Miss Giggles and Miss Lala were profiled on the audience cam as the little girl “Boo”. We thought that was pretty cool. We were hoping to stay for the Electric Light Parade, which begins at 9:00. But, I think the rain may have been a blessing in disguise, as we were all quite exhausted. So, when the rain let up just a little, we hoofed it back to the Monorail, weaving our way through the Main Street U.S.A. shops to stay somewhat dry. We grabbed a
DSC06375DSC06357quick bite to eat at the hotel, took baths, watched the fireworks, and got into bed. Miss Lala did not make it through the show, passing out as soon as she was able to remain still. Miss Giggles was able to finish and was out almost as soon as the first hair hit the pillow – I’m talking seconds people. It was unprecedented. Even I was victim to a similar fate, watching the Boise St. & Virginia Tech game while beginning to write this post. I made it about halfway through – struggling with my command of the English language, and unable to utilize my extensive vocabulary satisfactorily. See what I mean, no way could I have written that last night. So, I thought I would just close the computer, finish watching the game, and finish this post tomorrow. Well, I woke up to find out that Boise St. ended up winning the game, and it is now about 8:45 and both girls are still asleep. Our theory – let Sleeping Beauties lie.

Today, we are on our way to Epcot, for what I like to call “Daddy Nobucks Day”. I love Epcot, it is a combination of some of my favorite things: technology and foods and beverages from around the world. Of course, there will be some character stops throughout the day. We may even try to have breakfast with the princesses again. In Epcot last year we were able to walk right in, and it is only one credit a piece on our dining plan – quite the value in my opinion. But, if they don’t wake up soon, I know two Sleeping Beauties that may miss breakfast altogether!

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