Monday, September 20, 2010

What'll Ya Have?

Why did you tell me to pose like this Daddy?
  So, we arrived back from Disney late Friday night, or early Saturday morning, whichever you prefer.  We left Orlando around noon, taking some pictures and savoring every last moment of vacation before we came back to reality.  We were going to meet Jesse, a.k.a Struggler in Orlando for some lunch before we left, but our plans fell through.  You see, Struggler just had a child of his own, a baby girl that is now about one month old, I believe.  They had come up to Orlando to stay with his sister-in-law for the week while we were there.  On the way out of town, Struggler tells me that he has learned the first lesson of parenthood - all plans are tentative.  In other words, kids change everything.  He said that the baby had been up all night, his wife was exhausted and felt disheveled, and even the dogs had kept him up.  On a side note, Struggler is in the same boat as I, surrounded by women - the only difference; my dog used to have a pair, as did I.
Making our way back home, we found ourselves in Catlanta around dinner time, which calls for a quick pitstop at The Varsity.  For those of you that don't know, The Varsity is disgustingly awesome.  It's right off of I-75 across from Georgia Tech, and is a drive-in with some of the best greasy grub you can find anywhere.  We typically go inside to get the "what'll ya have" experience, and stretch our legs.  I am particularly fond of the chili cheese slaw dogs and the onion rings with a coke and a chocolate shake.  But really it's all good in the sense that you can immediately feel your heart begging you to stop.  Well, after ordering our food, I proceed up the stairs, stacked tray in hand, and Miss Giggles is running towards me yelling "Daddy, we need napkins".  Unaware of the reasoning behind this sudden napkin emergency, I continue to head toward my destination in order to place our food on the table - and then I see it.  Miss Lala has projectile vomited all over The Boss' torso, foot, and onto the floor.  In my infinite wisdom, I grab some napkins and begin wiping . . .the floor.  The Boss commands me to wipe up more important locations such as herself or our daughter.  We had thought Miss Lala was somewhat lethargic and warm when we got her out of the car, but thought nothing of it, merely due to travel and exhaustion.  As The Boss and Miss Lala went out to the car to clean up, Miss Giggles and I finished our meal rather peacefully, and as soon as they returned and ate, we were on our way again.  Probably not the first, or last time a late night drive in across from a college has seen an underage youth vomit on the floor.  Apparently hurling on your mother does wonders for a child's psyche because Miss Lala seemed to perk up shortly thereafter.  Upon our departure, I was promptly reprimanded for my lack of vomit wiping prioritization, and chastised for doing that. . .AGAIN.  Again?  I summoned my short term memory for when such a horrendous crime could have been committed prior to this one, and I had failed to recall such an event.  I was quickly reminded of a recent Coca-Cola spilling incident when I began wiping off the table instead of The Boss' pants, purse, pride, etc.  Wow, the things women remember.
Check back tomorrow for Miss Giggles 1st soccer game, and don't forget to become one of my many followers.  Trust me folks, you want to get in early on this one, cause the train is filling up!

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