Sunday, September 5, 2010

JAX '10

So, we've been to both Atlantic and Jacksonville Beach and seen the Cats whoop the stinkin' Cards.  I would say our time in Jacksonville has been a success and as I type, The Boss is packing for our trip down the Florida "Toll" parkways to Orlando.  Hopefully my coupon clipping wife has mapped out a way to make this trip as cost effective as possible (as if any trip to Disney World can be such).  We have had a wonderful time in Jacksonville catching up with our friends and their lives at home.  Matty is apparently the "hot doctor" in town, and Bowers is on the hot track in the engineering industry.  Both are doing very well and I am proud of them both personally and professionally.  It is fun to see all of us in our roles as daddy - my how things have changed!  Here is a picture of our kids together tonight.  We like to call them collectively the University of Kentucky Class of 2029-2035.
Today before the game we went to the beach and walked along the shore collecting seashells.  I will post pics pf our trip throughout so bear with me.  They may be random, but they are the ones that I like.  If you don't like them go to Picasa and you will see the collection.  Miss Lala is not a big fan of the beach in general as she has a fear of the sand and the ocean/waves.  Not a good combination of fears in this state.  She stayed in the stroller the entire time and had it made.  As for yesterday, we stayed at the beach for about two hours, neither girl entering the ocean above their big toenail.  As for Daddy Nobucks, I did ride some sweet waves, as Hurricane Earl passed some love my way during my day at the beach via large waves and lots of seashells for the ladies.  Sweet on both accounts!
After a walk on the beach, we decided to walk on the pier and see what was happening.  I have always been a sucker for the action on the pier.  Apparently I must not be holding my mouth right, because I can't catch a cold.  The Boss claims I haven't caught anything since we've been married - eight years and counting.  That sucks.  The problem is I catch everything when she isn't with me.  Sure, you say, I have even taken pictures with my current cellular technology.  She suggests that it is someone else's fish.  In my world it is quite emasculating having one's wife tell them they cannot fish.  I just tell her there's a reason they call it fishing and not catching. Anyway, we saw a guy catch a small hammerhead shark. My theory is that Mama is around somewhere, and a shark is a shark is a shark.  I have to ask myself, "am I a true man"?  And I answer - "Hell Yeah"!  I cook, I watch the Today Show, and I LOVE The Price Is Right.  If I had a Facebook page I would add them.  Is there something wrong with that?
Anyway, we leave for Disney tomrorrow and need some sleep.  I will try to update as much as I can.  Apparently Disney charges for daily internet access so I may be out of touch.  Maybe The Boss will find a way to cut some corners! 

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