Saturday, September 11, 2010

Daddy Nobucks Day

Strike a pose
So, on Tuesday we went to Epcot for what I like to call Daddy Nobucks Day.  We got off to a late start due to what I call the "Disney Hangover" - aka exhaustion from Mondays trip to the Magic Kingdom.  As I mentioned, Epcot is the place that I enjoy the most - and here's why.  We arrived at Epcot around 11:00 and having only had a quick bite in the hotel room, we headed straight for France.  Of course, on the way, we saw Daisy Duck and had to stop for a visit.  Once in France, The Boss and I decided to wash down our brunch with some wine and champagne - wine not, right?  After we finished we watched a video on France that the girls found extremely boring.  We found this strategy worked well usually leading to either one or both girls falling asleep in the cool, dark, and quiet confines of a Disney indoor attraction.  We then went back up front to the Innovations sections where Miss Giggles rode her first "big girl" ride (I neglected to mention previously that she had ridden the Goofy coaster on Monday and really liked it).  I took her on Test Track, as she was barely over the 40" requirement.  Then we saw Nemo and his friends, and emerged from the aquarium to a downpour, and our strollers unprotected - brutal.  By the time they dried, Miss Giggles had followed that up with a ride on Soarin with The Boss.  I asked her if she liked them and she said "yes".  I followed that up by asking her if she wanted to ride them again - she replied "no".  Oh well, she tried it, and liked it and that's all I can ask.  Besides, I was ready to eat. 
"Daddy she's kind of neked"
I don't recall your name,
but your fez is familiar
We had a reservation at Marakesh, the Morrocan restaurant, so, of course, I needed to stop in Great Britain for my appetizer - fish and chips with a Bass Ale.  Good stuff.  We then proceeded to Marakesh and enjoyed some couscous and other Morrocan specialties.  Miss Giggles and Miss Lala both made friends and certainly enjoyed the entertainment.  The food and atmosphere was great.  I only wish that belly dancer had stayed out a little longer!  But, maybe it was a good thing she didn't because it was getting close to fireworks time, so we high tailed it out of there, and made it back to the Monorail before the show began.  Another successful day at Disney.

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