Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Chip Off the Old Block?

No, Daddy.
I will not get in that dirt.
 So, Miss Giggles started playing soccer the day / morning that we returned from Disneyworld.  Not only did she begin her soccer career, I began my coaching career.  It is quite difficult coaching your 3 year old daughter on a team of mostly under six year old boys.  She does not quite have the competitive spirit that her daddy has.  Her, "sense of urgency" is essentially nonexistent.  She really can be quite fast when she is running around the couch in our rec room or the gym at school, but when on the field, she is slowed down by all the pretty flowers and her friends running with her.  The Boss tells me to give her some time - "she's only three", she says.  My response - "at three I was scoring three a game".  Not true, but this is my blog and I can say what I want.  At least I was in on the action.  Well, I won my coaching debut by a landslide.  At this age they don't keep score, but we smoked them.  Of course, I do keep score, but it's hard to keep track of every goal when you are out there "coaching".  I've noticed that at this age, it's not really coaching but yelling "go (insert name)" and directing them on which way to kick the ball.  One of the kids came up to me last night and said "Coach, why do you yell so much?"  I did not quite know how to respond to this, and thankfully the ball came his way, so I just yelled at him to get it and the thought was lost.  This has definitely given me a new level of respect for teachers, because it is difficult to get these kids to listen.  I've found a whistle helps.  If that doesn't I've told them that I am going to tell their daddy that they are being bad.  They perk right up.  It's nice to see that some of the things that my mom said, still ring true today.  So, thanks Mom for making me scared of Dad!

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