Friday, February 4, 2011

Christmas at the Comley's Part II

Best Day Ever!!!

So, I now realize that my first entry was a mere shell of what I can expound on.  I realized after a few days here in Milwaukee, that I should not sell both of my readers short.  So, I am re-vamping my Christmas entry.  I know that you both will be excited that I am back, but don't expect too much.  I mean, it's not like I have a big audience anyway, right?

Is this what our
 parents have planned for us?

Christmas at the Comley's started out like any other day - our children have problems with the concept of time.  Which is nice - no 4' o clock "Daddy has Santa come" calls.  So, we woke up about 8:00, and I proceeded downstairs to digitally capture the bounty that Santa had brought.  I had tried to sell my girls on the "Old Fashioned Comley Christmas" that my dad used to tell us about.  This consisted of an orange in your stocking, and some other non-significant item under the tree.  Maybe a cinnamon stick, or some cloves - the perfect accompaniement to some potpourri.  Somehow, this AWESOME sonding Christmas never worked for us either.  So, even though, I was unemployed, we had a great Christmas.  Were there as many presents as last year - probably not.  But, they were still happy, The Boss was happy, and guess what, I was happy because of my previous statements.  I've always heard "Happy wife, happy life".  While that is very true, I will expand on that.  I have noticed that it all starts from the bottom - especially with two girls.  Happy daughters lead to a happy wife lead to a happy life.  If you just read that statement, you also realize that I don't have a chance in making anyone happy . . . ever.  Except myself.  Obviouslly I'm kidding. Some more happy pics are below.  Stay tuned.
Belle, isn't she beautiful?


UK Alumni Gear! SWEET!!!  Nothing better.  You know, the last time the Cats won the National Championship, I
was wearing something that looked kind of like this. . .