Thursday, March 18, 2010

Laid Off Manny

So, I was laid off on Monday. Now, I'm just another laid off drug rep looking for work. A dime a dozen, right? I have to say though, I can't think if a better time for a college sports fan to be stuck at home unemployed. I am sitting at home watching Vandy and Murray State battle back and forth, after watching Florida and Baylor go to double overtime and Nova and Robert Morris also go into OT. I love March Madness!!! I mean, technically I'm getting paid right now with my severance, so I have told my wife that when I took the last three days to fill out my bracket that I am in a sense like an analyst. She did't buy it. So, I must say, I guess I'll have plenty of time to write, something I've been wanting to get back into since my days as a food critic ended a couple of years ago. There should be more to come later, unless I get too busy watching the Cats tonight. GO BIG BLUE!!!

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