Sunday, August 22, 2010

Behind Schedule?

So, we had a birthday party tonight that has maybe set The Boss's plans back.  Oh the horror!!!  Our neighbor's little boy had his fifth birthday party today and we were there for the better part of the afternoon into the evening.  Which was great because we got some much needed adult interaction, and the girls got some running around and swimming time - which equals early nighty night at our house.  We had a great time and thankfully the rain stayed at bay right up until we left.  Here's what crashing at our house looks like.
After the girls were down, The Boss decided to go to the grocery because some of her "deals" were ending tonight at midnight.  She is prepping some snacks for the Disney road trip and doing her due diligence to save us some money.  With that, she always feels the need to come home and brag about her finds - like she's a picker.  First of all, she says "pre-Kroger card" her total was about $150 - "post-Kroger card" plus coupons it was $77 - her face beaming as though she has just been declared the champion of Supermarket Sweep.  Her strategy is to give the clerk the Kroger card after everything is rung up so she can see the dollars counting down - I must admit, it is nice to see the dollars drop.  So, she comes home and plops everything down, and begins to boast: a frozen Chinese meal for $3, a ginormous box of Cheerios for $2, and a razor that Kroger somehow paid her $2 to take off of their hands.
The plan for tomorrow is to get everything done in "the city" that we can.  We are going to Lexington to drop the girls at Gamma's and then run around town with an early afternoon matinee thrown in. Maybe a stop at Sam's Club if time permits.  Either way, I can guarantee, The Boss will be "picking" wherever she can.

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  1. C I could go for being paid $2 to shave! I hope Mickey M was cordial to you guys as sometimes he's having a bad day. Maybe you could apply @ Disney to be Pluto!