Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Tale of Two Haircuts

Take off a little here, but not too much...
So, now that we all have new haircuts, we are ready to brave the Florida heat.  As long as Tropical Storm Earl stays away, we should stay dry.  However, The Boss is starting to get concerned with the potential for Tropical Storm Fiona developing in the Atlantic.  For those of you that are unaware, my wife is, what I would call an "Armchair Weather Warrior".  I caught her watching Hurricane Central on the Weather Channel tonight, and she is currently viewing the Satellite Imaging from the National Hurricane Center's website, looking for any developmental changes that she can decipher.
Ahhh, this is the life
Anyway, back to the hair.  The events could not have been more different.  First, we got Miss Giggles hair done, and she loved every minute of it.  The only one that didn't enjoy it was The Boss.  Here is a picture of her trying to explain what she wants done.  Turned out she explained more what she didn't want done.  It was pretty hilarious to watch and listen as she bumbled through what she wanted.  It reminded me of Miss Teen South Carolina's infamous rant in 2007 - no rhyme or reason, and no solid answer.  I think the hairdresser may have been scared to touch her.  So, with that we ended up with sone trimmed ends, and maybe a few strands of hair on the ground.  In the end, it was much more of a big girl time for Miss Giggles than a productive styling session.  But, she had a lot of fun and that's all that matters.
Take me to my happy place
I cannot say the same for Miss La La.  We took her to Cookie Cutters so they can bag the hair, print a certificate with a picture, and everything else associated with a first haircut.  Well, Miss La La was not having it.  No one could calm her down, and thankfully, all we were having done was trimming her bangs.  Of course, I can't really blame her for being somewhat timid.  A stranger dangling big silver shears in front of your eyes might be rather frightening for an eightenn month old.  After a tense ten seconds of hair hell for Miss La La, her ordeal was done and it was time to take her picture with the new do.  Well, still no calming her down, so we got a nice shot of a crying Miss La La.  It's just as well though, might as well remember the event how it happened.  It's also a good thing this place has a slide in it.  They need to have a movie theater too.  It took forever to print up the first hair cut certificate, and our stay was prolonged quite unecessarily.  So, Miss La La made the most of it, and snapped out of her funk, and got silly on the slide.

Space Mountain, here I come!!!
With that, the haircuts were taken care of and everyone was happy.  It was time to head home and chalk up another day down 'til we invade the Happiest Place on Earth. 

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