Saturday, August 21, 2010

Disney 2010 Preparations

It's mine, all mine!!!
So, we have less than two weeks until we depart for Disney World. . . again. For those of you not in the know, we went last September and had a great time. Even though I am currently unemployed, I don't care. We paid for the trip months ago, and you know what; my kids are only young once. They will not care about grown women dressed up as fairy tale princesses for much longer. Thus, we go on, no matter how painful it may be financially. As I told my mom, any thoughts of money will go out the window of Cinderella's castle when my girls are having breakfast with those fair maidens. Anyway, our preparations are in full swing, as we finalized our dining reservations for the week today, in coordination with the extra magic hours, and locales, and schedules, and on and on and on. The preparation for Disney World in my house is unlike anything I have ever seen. It has a militaristic sense of precision. My wife, aka "The Boss" becomes somewhat dictatorial (more so than normal) around this time, as her lists and schedule drafts and re-drafts litter every room in our house. By the time our last visit was over I felt like I needed a vacation from our vacation. But all kidding aside, I am getting very excited. We are also getting to roll a few days at the beach into this excursion. We were hoping to get a week at the beach had I gotten the job I was hoping for. Alas, no job, no week long trip to the beach. But, it pays to have friends that live close to one! My buddy Matt had mistakenly told us at one point that he had plenty of room and that we should come down some time. Be careful what you wish for Matty! He said he had plenty of room and recently had twelve people staying at his place. My response was that we'll only bring four but may feel like twelve. So, we get the beach for two days and then it's on to Disney World. Stay tuned as the preparation continues. After all, "it's the time of your life"!

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